Sprouted from the New Orleans soil; A multidisciplinary-outsider artist, gallery curator + idiosyncratic experimentalist. Bijoux Phyllome - Performs as a vessel via Experimental Film/Digital Photography,Screen Printing,Sound Design + Sculpting (til’ the next medium strikes). In the midst of the respective macrocosm + highly reflective microcosm that is the multifaceted world of the arts;she cyclically grasps beyond the limits of her artistic wheelhouse through trial and error. Synchronously in collaboration with knowledge gained while once succumbed by the most-times perplexing ideal that is art education. Resulting: A rigid piece of the limitless puzzle, serving as her art-house in creative theory. Contributing while simultaneously vexing the ever- evolving whole, this duality is the root to her frequencies. All realms of the scintillatingly assorted galaxy contribute to the necessity for not only artwork’s pure existence + creation but the performance of actively experiencing it. Bijoux is influenced by while attuned to the defining human experience of art digestion. An all encompassing and exploratory reaction observed through time dedicated to/within different facets of the local gallery community. The energetic exchange from artist to materials, which initiates a divine domino effect of quantum reaction subconsciously surpassing literal functionality magnified by the observer. A special brand of alchemy presented by way of a distorted but raw psychedelia lead non-reality.